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1.0 Participation in Tenders for Purchase :


The maintenance requirements to sustain the operations are met by purchasing through non-stock Indents. KRCL is not operating Capital Suspense Account, as such all purchases are under revenue only. Users place their requirements through Non-Stock Indents only, but the payments are made on centralized basis from the corporate office.


The purchases are done through the Railways Application Package (RAP), covering all department and all users. The Stores Inventory Module (SI), is part of this RAP, and has interface with other department module and other authorized users. KRCL has two Depots at Ratnagiri, and Madgaon. The secondary maintenance of the rolling stock is done at Verna near Madgaon.


Since the items are not stocked, the user’s requirements have to be met in a short period. The purchase cycle is kept short, at 30/45 days from the date of Indent. Bulk of the purchase orders are issued within the purchase cycle.


Materials Management Department in Konkan Railway has been arranging procurement (direct purchases) of all items including the Track Items, but excluding medicines required by the Medical Department. The purchases are arranged to sustain the operational requirement, while some amount of purchases are also required for the Projects.


Keeping in view the short purchase cycle, procurement is done through limited tenders, but in case of tenders above Rs.5 lakhs, the NIT along with downloadable tender schedule/document is put on the web site so as to give adequate publicity. All tender enquiries irrespective of value are sent by courier service, which are delivered in about 24 hours time.


From the purchases made in KRCL, bulk of the purchases are restricted to the approved lists of vendors (registered on regular basis) as published once/twice in a year by the nodal agencies like RDSO, DLW, ICF etc. The spares for the M&P and Track Machines are purchased directly from the OEM or their authorized distributors/stockiest .


Vendors approved by nodal agencies cover all critical & all-important items relating to :


Track fittings & tools required for Track Maintenance.
Diesel Locomotives, Coaching and wagon items.
Signaling & Telecommunication items.
Electric Locomotives & Train lighting items.


ICF is the nodal agency for approving sources of coaching items, including the paints system as required. For paints required for wagons, and general purpose requirements, the nodal agency for the same is RDSO. Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi is the nodal agency for Diesel Electric Loco Spares. Ministry of Defence also approves vendors for some items like fog signals, Fuzee, and Bailey Bridges etc. Vendor lists issued by the nodal agencies can be seen on their website as under 


RDSO’s website:
ICF’s Website :
DLW’s Website :


Vendors desiring to supply such critical items, if are not yet registered with the nodal agencies may approach the nodal agencies, and get themselves registered. The procedure for the registration can be seen on the websites of nodal agencies.


For other items, where sources of supply are not approved by the nodal agencies, the vendors are advised to approach the concerned railway, which has jurisdiction over the place where the corporate office of the firm is situated. Only after the firm is registered on the concerned railway, and if they desire to do business with Konkan Railway, they can send their request letters enclosing the details in the FORMAT (A). The request will be examined, and if considered in order, the name may be included in the limited tender panel.


In case of firms having their corporate office on the KR route (Konkan Railway territory from Roha to Manglore), and are interested to supply materials to KRCL, they may also submit their requests along with full details in the FORMAT (A), which will be examined, and if the request is found in order, the firm may be included in the limited tender panel. This Format (A) for sending Introductory Letter for participation in KRCL Tenders may be downloaded from KRCL website & submitted in hard copy as well as soft copy, which will be examined.


Trade groups for KRCL will be same as are applicable to the Railways. As far as possible, KRCL purchases the items directly from the manufacturers. In case the quantities are small, then the same are procured from their distributors/authorized dealers.


Registration of vendors on KRCL will be reviewed after the items are taken up for stocking.


The request letters with the registration details of the concerned railways (for items not appearing in the nodal agencies list) can be submitted in an electronic form, in a PDF file, on the company’s letterhead, and mailed to These will be examined and kept in view for issue of Limited Tenders. Preference will be for vendors approved by C.Rly.


2.0 Participation in Tenders for Sale :


Sale Tenders more than Rs.1.00 lakh are notified on KRCL website. Interested Vendors can download the same & participate by enclosing DD towards cost of Tender Document and Prescribed EMD. Vendors who are interested in participating in Sale Tender may also apply to Materials Management Department at Belapur on their letterhead giving details as per the Format (B).


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Format A


Format B