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Fast Transportation


      Every two - three minute passengers to get Air Conditioned up to 100 km/h speed travel  facility, covering distances at about 45 km/hr average speed.




Minimal Land Acquisition Problems


         In this new technology of `Sky Wheels’, Minimal land acquisition will be required, except for providing for right of way on existing roadways.




No Vandalism


       Not vulnerable to vandalism on track / moving gears are inaccessible.




No capsizing


       If at all derails, cannot fall down coachkeeps hanging. Hence no capsizing takes place as compared to railways and underground metros.






        Can handle 6000 – 9000 PPH (Persons per hour per direction) (One Sky Bus consists with two – three minutes head way).




No Pollution


         Aesthetically pleasing & no noise pollution, environment friendly.




No waiting


         There is a Sky Bus every 2/3 minute.






        All Sky Buses are Air-conditioned giving you excellent comfort of traveling.






         Enjoy the bird’s eye view of your city.






         Senior citizens and differently enabled persons have lift facility.






       Clean and comfortable cafes, business centers, restaurants and communication facilities with health parks made available on Sky-Top, thus adding to urban space.