Test Track at Madgaon

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Test Track



Test Track for Sky Bus Metro at Madgaon


The test track for Sky Bus Metro is being constructed at Madgaon in the open area along the Railway Track along the Railway Track near Madgaon Station. The test track geometry has been designed to demonstrate the dynamic behavior of the Sky Bus Metro i.e. the oscillations of the coaches, rail wheel interaction etc and the cutting edge technologies proposed in Sky Bus Metro. The target for completion of the test track is October 2004. The following would be the salient features of the test track:


1. Length of test track 1.6 Km

2. Maximum Test speed – 100 KMPH

3. Steepest gradient 1 in 50 (2%)

4. Radius of sharpest curve 100 m

5. Radius of flattest curve 875 m

6. Maximum radius of vertical curve 3375 m


7. Power supply – 750 V DC through 3rd Rail

8. Elevated track structure is with two designs:


           Closed Box Structure


            Open Rib Structure